Who we are

Our company Smart Solutions VDT GmbH was founded in Wegberg, Germany, with a single mission: to be the most successful and creative authorized distributor of Rockwell Automation and Prosoft Technology for Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries of the Customs Union.

Since our company was founded, we have made it our goal to offer our customers innovative automation devices and software as well as long-term solutions and services that actively support their business development.

Rockwell Automation is one of the world’s largest, specialized manufacturers of automation and information solutions for industrial production.

Rockwell Automation is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The company employs around 22,000 people in more than 80 countries.

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ProSoft Technology was founded in the USA in 1990. The company primarily focuses on providing connectivity solutions that connect different automation products with one another.

More than 30 years later, a company has grown and now is active worldwide with regional offices around the world as well as a worldwide dealer network.

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The Smart Solutions VDT GmbH has developed into an international service provider based on the extensive experience and expertise as well as the high service quality that we can demonstrate in the field of industrial automation. Our customers benefit from our knowledgeable sales staff and the employees who are responsible for processing orders and preparing products for delivery, as well as our close partner network in various countries of the world.

We constantly concentrate on increasing the performance of your automation technology, productivity of your technology , reducing downtimes and production costs.

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